The Exchange: Racism in America – How does it Affect Us?

In this “Teen Talk” we will discuss types of hidden racism that effects the black community. Issues we will address include:

– How America began to use abstract language to try to hide its racism especially during the Reagan presidency
– The abuse of the 13th amendment and how it led to mass incarceration and how that effects us today
– t\The education, healthcare, and housing systems and how abstract language allows these racist systems to function

The overall goal is to understand past and current issues and how they effect us. Through these open discussions, we will use what we learn to come up with some solutions and how to combat institutionalized racism.

Dates/Times: Fridays, August 14, 21, 28 10:00 – 10:45 am   3 sessions
Instructor: Mikayla Weary

Mikayla Weary

Mikayla Weary has been a part of iUrban Teen since 2016 and joined because of her interests of S.T.E.M and coding. Mikayla has been studying Japanese for 5+ years and has learned this language at the collegiate level since her freshman year. She is an incoming senior in high school and though she completed the highest learning of Japanese during her junior year, she is still studying. Mikayla is also on a step team and loves to be creative! She believes that social justice and art go hand and hand.

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