Let’s Read Together: Hi, My Name is Robin

Young bird watchers will learn about the American Robin from the perspective of Robin, a young fledgling. Find out what Robin had to learn in order to grow up safely. Learn about Robin’s hopes, fears, and goals. Discover what makes this common bird so unique. Teachers and parents, get the binoculars and look for Robin with your young bird watchers! Create special memories for yourself and for the young bird watchers. Be sure to visit author Pamela & Robin’s website to submit questions and share your photos at https://himynameisrobin.com/ Students who register by November 15 will receive a copy of the book in the mail to read along with author Pamela on Friday, November 20. Space is limited, sign up early.

Presenter: Pamela Slaughter
Dates: Friday, November 20
Times: 4:00 pm Pacific  Time

Pamela Slaughter

Pamela Slaughter was born in Portland, Oregon, surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, wildlife and birds. Exploring local woodland trails, observing wildlife from her uncle’s pond, and watching birds in her own backyard were some of her favorite things to do as a girl.

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