Indigenous Ecosystems

This course is an introduction to Indigenous people and practices, the importance of biodiversity, and will take a deep dive into the impact of colonialism on people and the planet. Students will be introduced to holistic systems and ways of thinking and will be encouraged to contrast and compare these ways to the ways of industrialized societies. There will be an emphasis on recent movements led by indigenous people here in Duwamish territory, around the Americas and planet, who are working hard to achieve self-determination, while also fighting to protect the ecosystem that supports all life. We will explore how some of these groups have been systematically targeted and purposely separated from their own indigeneity, then exploited and not compensated for their work and knowledge by industry, academia, and global NGOs.

Presenter: Shelagh Brown

Dates/Times:  Tuesdays / Thursdays   11:00 – 11:45 am

8 sessions              

Grade Level: 6-12th

Shelagh Brown

Shelagh Brown is an educator, writer, clinician and cultural worker who facilitates educational and healing spaces for people and communities most impacted by oppressive systems. She creates a fun, inclusive, learning centered environment for teenagers, young adults and adults of all ages and learning capacities. Shelagh holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Herbal Sciences and a Master of Science in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine from Bastyr University, and is currently completing both a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Social Justice as well as a MA in Social Justice and Community Organizing at Prescott College. Shelagh facilitates all her classes, workshops and trainings through an anti-oppression lens, and specializes in all things biosciences, particularly human, plant, medical and nutritional sciences. She also has a background in sustainable agriculture and whole food nutrition and cooking, in addition to teaching yoga and meditation for many years. Shelagh has worked with students at Bastyr University, Seattle Youth Garden Works at Seattle Tilth and the Rainier Scholars, in addition to presenting at numerous professional conferences in her fields. Shelagh was recently offered one of mentor teaching artist positions for 2020 with the organization Creative Justice. Health sciences, nutrition, urban permaculture and ecology, plant identification, biology, chemistry, botanical sciences, East Asian Medicine are some of the many subjects Shelagh can provide expert instruction in.

Indigenous Ecosystems

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