Algebra One

Algebra 1 will introduce you to equations as well as other techniques such as graphing numbers on a two dimensional plane. In your 8 sessions of Algebra 1, you will learn how to solve many kinds of equations as well as practice more complicated arithmetic in order to lay the stepping stones for Algebra 2. This class will prepare you to take Geometry. Suitable for grades 7-9 who have taken pre-algebra before.

Presenter: Miles Jackson

Days/Times: Mondays /Wednesdays  11:00 – 11:30 am         8 sessions

Grade Level: 7-8th

Miles Jackson

By studying Economics at Pacific University, I aim to help drive the world in the right direction. Social justice, environmental sustainability, and the development of a world with entirely new sources of energy, are all problems I intend to tackle on my journey.

I find financial systems fascinating and hope that, throughout my experience as an undergraduate, I am able to immerse myself in environments that allow me to better understand the inner and outer workings of the macro/micro economy. I want to be a part of improving the world through a socio-economic lens.

I have an interest in Venture Capitalism as a means to inspire the change I wish to create in the world; however, this interest does not limit the scope to which my curiosity extends. I am currently searching for jobs that will allow me to work with other individuals who are just as passionate about the future as me!

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